What is QCMS

Quaker Chemical Management Services (QCMSSM) is a comprehensive management approach to help manufacturers achieve maximum value by using chemical products in the most effective way. QCMSSM is based on forming a multi-year, strategic program with Quaker as a chemical service provider. From managing the product and service supply chain to influencing the performance of the entire chemical system, Quaker drives results for your continuous improvement.


Common Goal: Reducing consumption and improving chemical process efficiency.

In a traditional relationship, a chemical supplier's profits are tied to increasing the volume of chemicals delivered, while the customer's objective is to minimize costs and improve their processes. With the Quaker CMS model, we are incentivized to reduce costs by managing the supply chain and decreasing chemical usage, chemical waste and related costs. This model has provided proven benefits to a wide range of industries that rely on chemicals as part of their manufacturing processes — primary metals, aluminum, tube & pipe, and automotive and off-road equipment manufacturing.


Benefits the entire organization.

Quaker places experienced chemical managers in your manufacturing facilities so that they become intimate and integral to each part of your operation. Their primary focus is about chemical use, the chemical application and its impact on your overall business. It is their job to deliver benefits to every part of your operation—procurement and finance, manufacturing, engineering, maintenance, environmental, health and safety.


Chemical Management Services for new construction.

As a result of the demands of the global economy and our growing global customer base, Quaker has developed unique expertise by managing over 15 CMS Programs during the construction phase of new manufacturing facilities around the globe, in places like the United States, Mexico, Thailand, China, India, and most recently, Uzbekistan. Some of the responsibilities for these projects include: machine run-off, chemical product approval (including manufacturing, environmental, health and safety), procurement (including order, delivery, payment), initial fill and chemical systems management.

In addition to day-to day management, we can plan and design, as well as support new facilities and system design and support.