Primary Metals

Overview of Experience

Facilities that include the manufacture of steel, aluminum and other primary metals.

Finished Product – Flat Rolled Sheet, Shapes, and Profiles made from Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals. Predominately Flat Rolled Steel and Aluminum Sheet Products (sold in form of coiled metal).

Components Processed – Casted masses of metal that may take the form of Billets, Bars, Slabs, or Ingots that are reduced to desired thicknesses and profile through a series of hot and/or cold rolling processes.

Processed Supported – Casting, Hot Rolling, Acid Pickling, Cold Rolling, Continuous Annealing, Tempering, and Metallic Coating (Galvanizing)

Chemistries Managed – Casting Fluids, Hot Rolling Lubricants, Pickle Oils and Inhibitors, Cold Rolling Oils, Cleaners, Wet Temper Fluids, Corrosion Preventives, Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, Grease, Passivation and other Surface Treatments

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