Overview of Experience

Facilities that include the manufacture of various components required within the Powertrain, body structure, suspension for automobile, light and heavy truck industries and aerospace. Materials processed include steel, cast iron, aluminum, powdered metals.

Finished Product – Automotive, Light & Heavy Truck Engines and Transmissions, Body Suspensions, Body Structure Components, Front and Rear Drive Axle Components, Brakes, Bearings

Components Processed – Blocks, Heads, Crankshafts, Pistons, Connecting Rods, Compressors, Electrical Motors

Processed Supported – Single Point Cutting, Multiple Point Cutting, Broaching, Milling, Hobbing, Shaping, Drilling, Reaming, Polishing, Forming, Bending, Piercing, Punching

Chemistries Managed – Water-based and Oil-based Metal Cutting Fluids, Process Cleaners, Lubricating Oils and Greases, Quenchants (oil, water-based, and salt), Crib Chemicals, Floor Cleaners and Solvents, Paints, Inks, Blankwash, Electroplating, Forming Fluids, Water Treatment, Waste Treatment, Fire Resistant & Speciality Hydraulic Fluids

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