An aluminum hot line utilizing a single stand breakdown reversing mill feeding a fourstand tandem hot mill had been using the B-216-SERIES hot rolling fluid for over 25 years. There is continuous open communication to address challenges and maintain an efficient operation through formulation enhancements, aluminum production trends, and planned coolant system improvements, including:

  • Formula chemistry and necessary enhancements to increase mill speeds and improve AQ grades
  • Easy to maintain lubricant
  • Forums for discussing manufacturing statistics




The 25 years of success were not accomplished by product alone. The B-216-SERIES was supported by a dedicated staff to achieve the following results:

  • Through strategic formulation enhancements, this facility has consistently increased mill speeds on all alloys while maintaining consistent AQ grades of critical CBS of 1.0 to 1.5.
  • Semi-annual Technical Review Meetings are held to discuss statistical product manufacturing and quality assurance data. Aluminum manufacturing trends and coolant system changes are also discussed and collectively, potential chemistry changes are initiated
  • Employment of Dynamic Equilibrium has helped maintain consistent coolant chemistry, eliminated the reliance of tank side additions and increased coolant life. The customer has not performed a full dump in over 20 years; requiring minimal partial dumps to control ash