An aluminum rolling mill with a conventional three mill hot line was looking to convert its coolant. The mill runs a wide variety of products, including can body and end stock, trailer roof and building products. The aluminum producer wanted to convert to ALUSHIELD™ RHM-2000 rolling oil to:

  • Eliminate biocide additions
  • Improve lubricity performance
  • Minimize coolant maintenance issues associated with the breakdown reversing mill coolant conversion




Since the conversion to ALUSHIELD™ RHM-2000, no biocide additions have been necessary and no odor has been noted following the conversion. Mill operators have commented that the overall mill cleanliness improved following the implementation of ALUSHIELD™ RHM-2000. ALUSHIELD™ RHM-2000 offers the following benefits:

  • Outstanding boundary and hydrodynamic lubricity performance
  • Superior emulsification performance for stability and consistency of emulsion
  • Low metallic soap formation tendency
  • Excellent corrosion inhibition performance
  • Demonstrated bio-resistance under field conditions
  • Low oil consumption rates

Prior to the conversion of the ALUSHIELD™ RHM-2000 product, tank-side additions accounted for 11% of the total oil usage. Following the conversions, no tank-side additions have been necessary and the total oil consumption has been reduced by 22%.

Dynamic Equilibrium has facilitated consistent performance on a day-to-day basis, resulting in only minor polishing dumps to control ash. Because the previous product required frequent biocide and rolling additive additions to control coolant parameters, iron levels resulting from corrosion often exceeded 50 ppm. By eliminating the need for these additions, the coolant iron levels have reduced to